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Send Frivolous Help

Whenever I'm in the mood for a 'vacation-ish' read, I find myself very disappointed in my options. There are times I love reading memoirs, books on specific spiritual topics, moving fiction, self help, perspective broadening books, etc., etc. But, sometimes a girl just wants to have fun!

And, as an aside, have you ever found a blogger, podcaster, or maybe even just a friend who recommends frivolous reading material?! I am guessing that making trivial reading suggestions doesn't hold appeal for many, but I will happily take the role of said recommender, if only I can figure out how to find these books!

So, here are some things I want and some things that I don't want in a frivolous read, and if you have any suggestions for me, please make my day and start commenting!


Lighthearted-nothing deep or moving Fast paced-I want something that I can hardly put downMystery and/or romance are always enjoyed, but nothing smutty or dark, pleaseCould just be a book…

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